Speak Your Business Sales Page

Hidden Story Code Sales Page The Challenge Speak Your Business is a locally owned company in Los Angeles, CA.  They offer coaching to create a targeted message to grab potential clients attention in less than 30 seconds. They required a sales page to sell their new course 3 Step Pitch.  Our Solution We created a […]

Be Soul Fulfilled

Be Soul Fulfilled LMS Platform The Challenge Be Soul Fulfilled is a business focused on supporting people in relationships with others and themselves to become happier and live life fully. They needed a platform that allowed for supporting and teaching their clients online with a very specific customized layout that out-of-the box solutions did not […]

Aratinga Extract Inc.

Aratinga Extracts Inc. Re-Design The Challenge Aratinga Extracts Inc. is a locally owned company in Calgary, AB. Their primary focus is providing extraction services for botanicals, and giving information and training in the area of extraction. They are the only Canadian supplier of Hops Extract, which provides many benefits for breweries. They required a new […]

MacEwans Meats

Mobile responsive design for the new owner of MacEwans Meats in Calgary, Alberta.


Shakers Fun Centre Re-Design The Challenge Shakers Fun Centre is a locally owned business in Calgary, AB.  They are an entertainment facility that offers laser tag, go-carts, climbing wall, mini-bowling, mini-golf, and a redemption arcade. Their pre-existing website was not bringing in new clients and visitors.  Their bounce rate was 100%.  No one was staying […]

Will Your Site Survive Googlegeddon?

Google has changes happening all the time to the algorithms. Usually it’s nothing much to bat an eye at. It happens so often and people make such a fuss, get upset, then settle down and carry on with life.

Usually I just let the changes float right past me and don’t give them much of a thought as they usually have a much smaller impact than everyone believes.

However, this time it’s different. It is so important to know if your site will stay in search engine rankings with these new changes.

Deal with people in the EU? This is a must read

This acronym has been floating around for a little while now, and it brings with it a lot of confusion and worry.

The fact that you can have up to 20Million Euros in fines is enough to make you faint!

I have taken some time to do some research and I have to say that every piece of information I find has been overwhelming and confusing, not to mention dry.  The original is very very long.