July 8, 2022

Why Do I Need A Website In 2022? 7 Solid Reasons

Author: BreatheTechnicalSupport

I Have Social Media - Why Do I Need A Website?

I get it. You have a Facebook page, and that's free right? Well, sort of.

You get clients through Instagram.

They can send messages through social media.

It's been working great, so why do I need a website? After all, engagement through social media has worked extremely well and you can have all your information there.

I have come across a number of businesses that only focus on LinkedIn or Facebook Pages and feel they are doing great, no issues, no website needed.

There are some very important reasons why you should have a website, even with all of the social presence you currently have.  Here are a few reasons why having a great website still matters today, and your business needs its' own online home.

1. What Would Happen To Your Marketing if Social Media Went Down?

If social media went down, marketing for many businesses would be turned upside down.

For small business owners, medium business owners, coaches, authors, artists and other creatives, social media is a key part of our marketing strategy. It's how we connect with our audience, build relationships, and sell our products and services.

There would be a lot of panic and confusion among many business owners.

If this was your only presence online, it would take a huge toll on your business.

2. A Website Builds Credibility and Legitimacy

Many people see a good functioning website as good sign a business is stable and credible. After all, many fly-by-night and start-ups either don't have a website, or don't have a very good functioning one. Many of your competitors have websites. If you don't believe me, do a quick search on google with words that your potential new customers or clients might use to find you online, and see what pops up.

A great way to show that you are legitimate and trustworthy is to have a solid website with the right information, so people feel more comfortable working with you or buying your products. They feel that you be around longer as well and not disappear into the internet abyss.

It also allows them to easily see testimonials, portfolios, and other pieces of information that can get lost in social media feeds.

3. Constant Presence

Even if you feel that your social media pages or your profile is 'always on', the truth of the matter is, social media functions on time and popularity. You need to consistently post and get engagements on your post to stay at the top of the algorithm. To get more eyes on your information, you need to consistently be plugged in and working your social media to get any headway - and if you take a break, you are working to amp it up again.

It works great to reach new people and share information with the masses, but if you need a day off it can slow down your reach and efforts.

Does this mean you should stop social marketing? Absolutely not! But wouldn't it make sense to diversify your efforts? We are always told to not keep all of our eggs in one basket, and if the last couple of years haven't helped us to see that, nothing will.

Having a website will provide another avenue to reach new people - and it stays 'on' even if you are taking a small break from interacting in social marketing.  Did you know that a repertoire of well executed articles on your website can bring in traffic from people you have never met? This is housed on your website.

True Story!

I have a client whose website is what we call 'dormant'. They haven't been actively adding information for over 2 years (which is a no-no, but we talk about that in a different article). But a single, well executed article from a couple years ago STILL gets consistent traffic from Google into her website each and every month.

Did you know?

70% of website traffic comes from organic google searches
47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before completing a sale

4. Gets Your Visitors Away From the Crowds

Having your own website to direct people to allows them to learn about you and your business without the buzz and constant bombardment of all of the other social media interruptions, notifications, and squirrels.

You know the squirrel situation? You're checking one thing, and something else pops up, and takes your attention away?

On your website, they are provide with information solely on how you can help them get to where they want to go. People are always looking for ways to achieve what they want, and you have something specific to get them to the outcome they want.

5. Autopilot

I love autopilot. Some tasks we want to deal with, hands-on. We want the control of the situation or the information - but in every business there are some repetitive tasks that can easily be automated without taking away from your customer's experience.

Things like booking an appointment, selling items, signing up for a course, signing up for coaching packages, the list can be endless depending on what you are offering your visitors.

6. A Website Allows You To Gather Critical Business Intel

It sounds like we're spying, and that's not wrong - but in an ethical anonymous way.

Your website can work like a PI for your business and give you information that your social media account won't give.

Some of these pieces of critical information are how they find you, what link brought them to you, what information is most important to the people to come to you. It can also give you an idea of what's working and what's not.

A client of mine was wondering why nothing was happening, why they weren't getting more clients or visitors to their location. We found that once people reached their website, they were so overwhelmed that they just left without doing anything. The current site they had wasn't working for them, so we arranged to re-design their site. After the re-design the site went from 100% traffic leaving within 5 seconds, to only 1% leaving. It made a big impact.

7. Branding

Your website is a canvas to brand your business. Create a culture. Provide a feeling. This all connects with people and gives them an idea if you are who they want to work with or buy from.

It also makes you stand out from the rest of the marketplace. Are you a plumber? Or are you a trustworthy professional who fixes a possible critical situation reliably and ethically?

Your website can show the difference between you and 100's of other people in your profession. It allows you to become a recognized brand and not just another commodity.

You don't want to be the person that drives a Ferrari but parks it in a lean-to. Your website should reflect your Ferrari of services. It's your cornerstone of your digital presence that everything else branches out from. It's the roots and trunk of your tree.

It shows who you are, what you're all about - and most importantly - how YOU can help your ideal client.

In conclusion

There are many other reasons why a website is so important - especially now in the digital age. Things like SEO (search engines), people expect it, showcasing your expertise, but what it comes down to is:  your website is a Living Breathing Extension of your business that's always 'on'. It will be there for your customers, clients, and new connections 24/7.

If you would like to get started, we have a proven system to get you up and running in the quickest amount of time. Click Here for more information.

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