February 13, 2022

4 Easy Steps to Get You Visible Online

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Are you struggling to get noticed online? You're not alone. With so much noise out there, it can be tough to cut through the clutter and get seen by your ideal customers.

But don't despair! There are some simple steps you can take to make sure you're visible where it counts. The key is to get a plan in place and keep at it.

Follow these four easy steps and you'll be on your way to online success.

1. Write a Post

Relevant content is huge for your online presence, and your blog is one of the best places to set up this content.

A group of useful posts on your site is a plus for your business. It increases your website's visibility in search engines and gives you a catalog of information you can send your clients to when they need information about a specific topic, and the articles gives you the position of an expert within your field of expertise.

Some top ideas are:

  • Publish a new post at least once a month.
  • Use captivating images  or photos to create engagement and interest.
  • Focus on creating timeless content that will be useful for your visitors and doesn't become irrelevant.
  • When you are getting started, it's good to have a framework to use.

2. Send a Message to your Email List

Sending emails is still one of the most effective ways to marketing your website and business. Send updates to your subscribers regularly and make sure to always add something that they would find valuable. Don't just go for the sale.

Some top ideas are:

  • Send out emails routinely on a schedule of your choice. If you are just beginning, try out once a month to give you time to become consistent and build content.
  • Make sure to only include part of the information in your email, and link to your website or blog post for the rest. This will keep the emails a nice length, and bring people to your website which works well for Google and you.
  • Be sure to personalize your emails with your contacts name. All of the email marketing platforms allows for this. (Sender.net, GetResponse, Send In Blue etc.)
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with different subject lines and see which ones will give you a better open rate.

3. Connect on Social Media

There are mixed feelings about social media. Some feel it's a little trivial posting about what your cat did, or where you are going. But social media really is about connecting with others and engaging in a conversation.

Connect with your ideal clients, build your audience and grow a following by using content that they are looking for or will find useful. Connect with them by asking questions and contribute to the conversation. Public Relations is very important to grow your sales and onboard new clients. It informs the public including your potential new clients and business partners.

Some top ideas are:

  • Add updates a few times a week.
  • Make sure you use an image. They can be a scroll stopper. They perform way better than plain text.
  • Using hashtags can improve your reach and will help you target a specific audience.
  • Use a tool that helps you to schedule in your posts to take some of the load off of you. Some tools are the built-in Facebook scheduler, Later, and Social Pilot.

4. Always Focus on Value First

When you are sharing information with your audience, continuously think about what hey would like to read or what would be useful to them.

It's terrific to share what's happening in your life and your business, but the best conversations and impact comes from useful, engaging, and graphically visual content that your contacts are honestly interested in.

When you don't know what to share, look at others in your niche to see what works for them. What are they posting? What are they sharing that receives the most likes and comments?

Doing these things can get you moving in the right direction to a simple and effective marketing plan.

What are you currently doing to connect with your ideal clients? Are you coming across any roadblocks? Connect with me and let me know.


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