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My Unique 7 Step Process

The Project Details

We will begin by uncovering the truth about why you need a new website and exactly what it is you want to achieve.  Through a series of strategic questions we will unlock where you want to go.  Some of these questions may feel a little uncomfortable.  Actually – if it doesn’t get awkward, then I haven’t done my job getting to the core of the project.

Sitemap & Flow

Once we have accumulated all the information we need, a visual sitemap will be created so we all get on the same page fast.  This will outline what we’re working to communicate and the best way to structure your site. Here’s an example of one of the sitemaps we have produced on an earlier project.

Keywords & Phrases (SEO)

At this time we will provide terms and phrases based on research of searches completed and your direct competitors. Once the Search Terms are agreed upon, we will move to the next phase of your website.


Content is the next phase of preparing for the website.  We work with you to prepare content for all the pages which you have signed off on including in your website through the process of the sitemap and website flow. 

The Prototype

I won’t attempt to talk you through what we will be building and hope that you understand the techy stuff, instead I will create an interactive prototype in the web browser to show you how our solution will work for you and your business. We will not be focusing on any design or styling at this point. It won’t be pretty – but it will be functional. The goal is to see how everything works and not get hung up on color or images.  

The Style

Now the fun begins! We get to pull out the markers and all the fun stuff to bring your interactive prototype to life to match your brand.


Finally we step into the final stage of the project.  Here we make sure everything is setup, linked, plugged in, turned on, and tested before we teleport your fresh new website to your hosting server so you can share it with the world.