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Breathe Web Solutions 24 Years Birthday Celebration

There will be a new bundle or special released each day of Foootle.
All Foootle Fundles will be available until the end of Wednesday, March 1st.
Day 1 
Website Policies

Save $75 Off Of The Set Up Fee

Protect your business from fines and lawsuits.
You most likely are required by law to have polices disclosing specific information if you collect data such as names, email address etc., terms of use, cookie policies, and consent.
Chances are - if you have a 'Contact Us' form on your website, then you need a proper privacy policy. 

If you want to know more about why this is important, check out our article "Why Does My Website Need A Privacy Policy?"

Website Privacy Policies
Website Terms of Use
Cookie Consent
$280 CDN
Regular Price - $130  Annual fee, $150 Setup Fee
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Website Success Package

Basic Web Care Package - One Time Offer

For those who aren't currently signed up for website support.
It's so important to have your website, fast, secure, and up-to-date. The last thing you need is to wait for it.
You don't have the time or patience (or skills) to optimize your website, which can change it from a powerful marketing tool to a huge and painful expense.
Experience from working with many clients over 24+ years on their websites and digital marketing, we have found the best results come from ongoing modifications, experimenting, recording, and improving.
Our focus is to make sure your website is running at it's best.
Fast Website Hosting
Regular Software Updates
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Daily Security Scanning
Daily Cloud Backups
Not currently offered. Current web care packages start at $127/month
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Day 2
Day 3
Reputation & Review Saver

Save $110+ During Launch

One negative review is as strong as 10 positive ones.
I'm sure you have noticed that negative reviews spread like wildfire! It's so important to get to the reviewer before they post all over the internet. If they don't feel that you care, they will post EVERYWHERE!
And for some strange reason, if people love you - the first thing they do in most cases is..........NOTHING.

So why not get to those who are angry or dissatisfied BEFORE they post all over the internet and go viral?  

What about an easy way to encourage people to post positive reviews?

It's truly a win-win.  You can work with those who and unhappy and they can feel that you really do care, as well as give those that are over-joyed with your service and easy, stress-free way to share their good experience with YOU!

/Month CDN
$237 / Month CDN
/Quarter CDN
$697 / Quarter CDN
$1,997 / Year CDN

When you click through, you can choose Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually. The discount will be applied once you add to your cart/basket and view your cart/basket.

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