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Hops Extract - The Best Way to Brew

Cost-efficient, smart and eco-friendly. Choosing to use a Hops Extract instead of traditional hops pellets can reduced the wort lost and increase your product yield, improve efficiency, and reduce chemicals and heavy metal residues.

Hops extract has a longer shelf life and smaller storage footprint.

Our Products & Services

Hops Extract

Find out more information on hops extract for sale here.

Hops Extraction Service

We offer extraction services. Find out more information here.

Cannabis Extraction Service

We offer extraction services for CBD. Find out more information here.

Why Hop Extract for Breweries

CO2 Hop Extract for Breweries

CO2 Hop Extract increases the product yield (e.g. litres of wort) by decreasing losses absorbed in the plant material giving more kegs from your boil. This decreases waste, increases thermal efficiency and makes the brewing easy to manage and improve consistency.

Brewery Hop Extraction Service

If you already have hops, and a supplier contract, we can create an extract from your current hops. The extract has a longer shelf life, smaller storage footprint, and gives you a more consistent product.

Hops Extract Case Study

Find out how much more you could be making per boil. Our case study showed between 6 to 10% increase in wort recovery, improving your brewing process, increasing revenue and profits when they did not experience wort loss in the wasted pellets.

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About Aratinga

We are Canada’s ONLY supplier of Hops Extract and Extraction Services.

Aratinga is a Calgary based company that specializes in Supercritical CO2 extraction botanicals. Our current feature product and service is extraction of Hops pellets to make the brewing process more efficient, effective, and adding revenue without cutting corners and increasing quality consistency for every boil.